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A WHALE in the Goreangab

Show Date: 2014-09-02
MPAA Rating: Family
Production: Bank Windhoek Art Festival
Writers: Script wright & Director:Aldo Behrens The story is based on the poetry of Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong, as published in: THE SCARS ON MY SKIN.
Performers: Dramatis personae: Archangel: Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong Angel of Death: David Ndjavera Lucifer: Jean-Louis Knouwdts Missed Opportunities: Michelle Namases Single Door: Amy Hammond Parliament Stormer: Anke Nel Watch Them: Khadeescha du Plessis Fake Money: Mudi Pontac Band and Singer: The Bik K's
Storyline: The Bank Windhoek Arts Festival present ‘A Whale in the Goreangab’, which focuses on issues of the day, like corruption, poverty and pollution, to name a few. This Music Theatre production will be performed on 2, 3, 4 and 5 September 2015, 19:00 each evening, at the NTN in Windhoek. The dramatic action unfolds in a Fantasy Place, the Goreangab Centre for the Homeless. The inmates, all fictional characters, lay charges of gross corruption before a tribunal, consisting of the main representatives of good and evil. The universal dramatis personae accommodate a variety of fictional characters, such as the Archangel, the Angel of Death, Lucifer, Missed Opportunities, Open Door, Fake Money, Watch Them and Parliament Stormer. The title – A Whale in The Goreangab – is used as a metaphor for inappropriateness. As much as it is inappropriate to kill rhinos, is it inappropriate to place a whale in man-made polluted dam. Stef Bos sings about a whale in the Limpopo. The inappropriateness is stunning. You can easily place a sardine in a can, but not a whale in a dam. The inappropriateness is blasphemous! Placing one of the largest living species on earth, 30 meters long and weighing up to 30 tons, in a fresh water man-made structure, is certainly an effective recipe for extinction. As inappropriate, is: • the pollution of fresh water sources; • officials seeing tax as personal ATM’s; • gleeful democrats turning blind eyes on the rot of poverty. In this allegorical play, Good accusses Evil of Gross Corruption! And the outcome? An Eye Opener! In a Brechtian kind of way!
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Country: Namibia
Language: English
Director: Aldo Behrens