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KOI – VIVID Women’s Conference

Show Date: 2015-10-16
MPAA Rating: Family
Production: Koi International Worship Centre
Performers: Special guest speaker Reverend Pearl Kupe, Theresa Conradie and Tanya Amey as the host.
Storyline: Every year we hold a women’s conference of which the lives of many women are changed and we are grateful to God for being a part of that. Formally Spirit, Soul and Body Women’s Conference under Crenshaw Christian Centre (CCCGM), we have given the conference a new name that is bigger, better, bolder and brighter – VIVID women’s conference now under Koi International Worship Centre, desires more than anything to enhance and empower women under the umbrella of SISTERHOOD! We are more excited than ever about this year’s conference for a number of reasons, but most importantly that we can fellowship with one another and show that we know God through the love we have for one another. Our conference theme this year is “Hourglass: It’s our Time” and we know that there will be a special word for each and every woman that will be in attendance. We want every lady to leave the conference with a secure sense of Sisterhood. We have our special guest speaker Reverend Pearl Kupe, Theresa Conradie and Tanya Amey as the host to share their hearts at this year’s conference. Conference 16th – 17th October: 16th – 18h30 – 21h30 17th – 09h00 – 16h00 Ticket price : N$ 300.00 and tickets available at NTN Box Office and Computicket outlets.
Official Site:
Country: Namibia
Language: English