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Premier Productions

The productions are either adaptations or original classical scripts/stories by international writers and directed by local directors. The main aim is to provide Namibian Theatre Practitioners with the opportunity to engage with internationally recognized stories/scripts and bring those experiences to

Children’s Theatre

The project is currently a partnership between The College of the Arts, City of Windhoek and the NTN. The main aim of the project is to develop ‘new audiences’ and provide children with new entertainment experience and space.

The production


The school holiday theatre workshop involves about 35 -40 learners from various high schools Windhoek and 5(five) workshop facilitators.

The program aims at providing school going youth with performing arts (dance, drama, music, poetry) skills during the school holidays. The

A Sistah thang

Pay tribute to their achievements and contributions to the economical and social development of Namibia.

The program has grown in stature over the last three years and is becoming one of the highlights on Windhoek’s entertainment Calendar.

Last Band Standing

The NTN launched this initiative in April 2011 with Khomas Region and surrounding schools as a pilot project.

The initiative is also to support the development of choral music in schools and encourage positive living. The competition is confined to

Comedy Festival

The program host several of the best and up-coming comedians from Namibia and abroad.We use comedy as a tool of intorogation and healing. With this program we hope to promote understanding through laughter between and within Namibia’s diverse cultures.