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Hire & Rent content must come here. Please provide us with the content for this section. Thanks  
The NTN makes provision for individuals to rent either the Auditorium, NTN Backstage, the Green Room or the Dance Rehearsal Room for individuals or event companies to stage their productions or to rehearsal.  For information about renting any of the NTN's facilities please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A National Organisation for the promotion and development of Performing Arts Theatre productions: Diverse programs for diverse audiences. Regional Theatre Development: YTDP. COTA-NAEP. NYCN, School Set Work, Regional Partners. Capacity building for theatre practitioners (writing, directing,acting, lights/sound and stage design and management): Theatre Zone, YTDP, UNAM, COTA, Audio,Golden Pen Theatre Awards','New Namibia Plays'. Theatre and Performing Arts Promotion and Audience Development: Artbeat, TheatreZone, Sister Thang,Last Band Standing, Premier Productions, branding. An influential and respected organisation Branding, Marketing and Promotion: Strategies for targeted promotions. Increase in diverse and quality audience. Corporate/stakeholder appreciation, confidence and support. Customer satisfaction. Visibility. Organisational Setup: SOE status, memberships, performance agreement, leadership. Stakeholder Relationship: What is the role of NTN? Stakeholder identification, stakeholder management -formalized network of corporate and partner management agreements and strategies. An accessible, user-friendly and prestigious platform for diverse groups of artists and theatre practitioners. The National Theatre Venue: The facility upgrade, capacity, external venues. Environment of NTN: 'You do not get a second chance at first impressions' - attractive office space, buildings, signage, accessibility, tidiness, maintenance, customer care. Facilities and equipment for skills training ad theatre development: Quality, quantity, rental policy, access Securing the future of NTN - issues of capacity and sustainability. Organisational Capacity: organisational structures and systems, staffing, training and capacity building policies and agreements, Artistic Direction Advisory Committee. Technical Capacity: staffing, training and capacity building, ITC System, equipment and facilities, statf retention, sound working environment. Financial Sustainability: increase annual turnover, diversify activities, increase annual grant, start an investment account, invest in fundroising activities, improve facilities and equipment, develop policies, income from non-core activities - Business Plan  
Vision The National Theatre of Namibia is a well-governed, innovative and respected international arts and culture institution that is an incubator (facilitator) for the development of high quality performance artists and productions that are inspired by Namibia's diversity and rich store of cultural forms.  Mission  Develop and deliver outstanding training/ educational programs for the development of performing Arts. Develop technical skills for Performing Arts. Discover, develop, commission and stage productions that are artistically excellent, delight our audiences, and are financially prudent. Actively facilitate cultural exchange between theatre and theatre practitioners between Africa and those from other parts of the world by serving as an artistic point of contact. Provide a full-fledged rental space/facility for productions and theatre practitioners that support the achievement of our vision. Develop mutually beneficial artistic and organizational partnerships with corporate and fellow cultural institutions, within Namibia and internationally. Achieve full compliance with legislation and principles of good governance. Develop our staff, forge a motivated team and create a workplace environment that is conducive to high productivity and accountability. Provide comfortable recreational facilities for our customers.
Note from the General Manager   The National Theatre is a public institution with the mandate of developing, presenting and promoting Namibia's rich and diverse forms of culture expression, national and internationally.   Our 2010-2014 strategic plans consolidate the beginning of an exciting journey for NTN and the performing arts sector. This is a journey of reconstruction, realignment, discovery, market re-positioning and consolidation of our programs and activities for the increasingly diverse and growing audience and people of Namibia.   We at the NTN are further buoyed by the prevalent enthusiasm and the positive energy shown by both the government and the private sector for the development of the arts. The performing arts presents endless opportunities for the cultural tourism enthusiast and entrepreneurs, the artists, the education sector and the general public.   In order to achieve our goals and meet our mandate, we have revised some old programs and launched new ones. Our collaborations and partnerships with strategic stakeholders, continue helping us to produce quality programs which are presented and accessed by the broader scope of Namibians.   It is our belief that we cannot grow this sector into on industry by ourselves and welcome your partnership in whatever form for the good of the country and all our people.   "The world is but a stage" - Shakespeare