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NTN Productions

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4th Season (ROAD TO FINALE : 2nd ROUND) 


ten (10) bands made it through to the second round of the Last Band Standing 2014 competition


Two of these bands; Ongoro Nomundu and Wambu & the Seuns were added as “wildcards” (wildcards’ are bands that are chosen by the judges, based 

on the premise that they have performed at an excellent standard).


The 10 bands in the 2nd Round will once again battle it out for a place in the finals (only five (5) bands will go through).

the Finale will take place on the 29th of March at the Zoo Park. 


2nd Round Line-up

Saturday     : 01-March-2014 :  Pule & Friends VS Ongoro Nomundu 

Wednesday : 05-March-2014 : Jaliza & Friends VS Big Mama 

Saturday     : 08-March-2014 : Slow VS Wambu & The Seuns 

Wednesday : 12-March-2014 : Hishishi Papa VS Famaz Attak 

Saturday     : 15-March-2014 : Yvonne & His Sanctuary Gospel Band VS Esme & Band 


All shows will take place at NTN Back Stage : Damage 50.00 : Time 20h00


N$100 000.00 up for grab 

- Winning Band  N$50 000

- 1st Runner up  N$30 000

- 2nd Runner up N$20 000 

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Date : 29 - 30 Jan 2014

Time : 20:00

Venue :NTN Auditorium

Tickets : N$80 (available at computicket outlets)

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