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NTN Collabo's

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19 & 20 June: Things Fall Apart

26 & 27 June: Of Mice and Men

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A man accused of rape... The accused is white, the accuser black. Two lawyers, one black and one white, have to uncover and sift through the facts of the case: is the man guilty? And, irrespective of that, can his case be won?


Aldo Behrens is directing this David Mamet play for Namibian Theatre - Race deals with the reactions of three members of a law firm when they learn that a wealthy client has been accused of rapping a black woman.


Tickets: N$80 at Computicket and NTN

Time: 19h30

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Come bare witness and be enchanted by a Theatre first – A Namibian Love Story and a Real Life Wedding ceremony of Tamara Jackman & Ian Pienaar –
This is the actual wedding ceremony of this couple told on stage by dance, song and the magic of a stage, lights and sound

You have seen reality TV – This is reality Theatre –
The public have the opportunity to attend this ceremony and be witness to a true love story and a real wedding ceremony on NTN stage

Tickets at NTN for N$100

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The Embassy of Portugal National Theatre Present


Venue: NTN

Price: N$80 @ Computicket

Performance Date & Time: 24 April 2014 - 19h30

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