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4th & 5th July

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19 & 20 June: Things Fall Apart

26 & 27 June: Of Mice and Men

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Fresh from entering ex-pats in London & Australia, South African comedian Marc Lottering returns to NTN with his brand new one-man show, THIS IS CAPTAIN LOTTERING SPEAKING.

The show features Lottering's stand-up along with his characters Auntie Merle, Travis, Smiley, Galatia Geduldt and Colleen the Cashier from Hell.

This time, everyone is going to the airport, so fasten your seatbelts. Auntie Merle has very strong opinions on airline food, while Galatia Geduldt is thrilled to be flying to Johannesburg to "work on her album", finally.

21 & 22 May 2014:

Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay Town Hall at 19h30 for N$100


24 May 2014:

Windhoek - NTN Auditorium at 17h30 and again at 20h00 for N$150

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A man accused of rape... The accused is white, the accuser black. Two lawyers, one black and one white, have to uncover and sift through the facts of the case: is the man guilty? And, irrespective of that, can his case be won?


Aldo Behrens is directing this David Mamet play for Namibian Theatre - Race deals with the reactions of three members of a law firm when they learn that a wealthy client has been accused of rapping a black woman.


Tickets: N$80 at Computicket and NTN

Time: 19h30

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In an effort to integrate the youth into theatre, National Theatre of Namibia is hosting the Artbeat School Holiday Theatre Workshop during this holiday.

This four week long training and skills development program in drama, dance, poetry and music takes place during the May holidays.

It culminates into a full production that we stage as Artbeat 2014 to the public and invited high schools.

Tickets: N$50 for Adults and N$20 for children

Time: 20h00

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