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The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) in partnership with the National Arts Council of Namibia (NACN) presents the ‘Exploring Namibian Contemporary Dance & Movement Workshop Series 2021’ with Namibian Dance & Movement Practitioners- Trixie Munyama, Stanley Mareka and Nikhita Winkler.

For the past two decades, dance and movement practitioners have worked to explore questions on Namibian contemporary vocabularies and techniques. These forms have been significantly influenced by local and indigenous expressions, and blended with regional and international techniques. In the past five years, the local sector has also seen newer developments in movement and performance art forms. These forms continue to be explored to enrich the dynamic development of Namibian performing arts.

The workshop series aims to engage and enlighten dancers, movement and performance creatives on Namibian contemporary techniques and practices for the performance sector and beyond.  Key focuses will be on local and cultural expressions that have influenced these techniques.  Participants can look forward to walking away with informed perspectives on local contemporary techniques to adapt into their own practices.

The workshop series will take place in three parts (1) Oudano: Playing with a New Technique, (2) Increasing Your Repertoire as A Dancer and (3) Exploring Namibian Traditional Contemporary Dance Techniques. Participants can register for the separate workshops.

All workshops comply with COVID-19 regulations. Age limit for the workshops is 16 years of age.

Registration fee for each is N$ 50.00, which can be paid into the following account:

Account Name:                      National Theatre of Namibia (NTN)

Bank:                                       Bank Windhoek, Main Branch

Account Number:                    8002549405

Branch-Code:                         481-972

Reference:                               Full Name of Participant/ Name of Workshop

Swift Code:                              BWLINANX

See details for workshops below.


About Workshop

The workshop combines traditional movement forms which draw on the facilitator’s Owambo culture, ‘African Dance’ technique, improvisational and contemporary vocabularies.  It provides a window into the evolution of new movement identity pedagogies that transcend tradition and formalities of the dancing body, by placing it as a thinking, reflective entity filled with dualities, oppositions and memory. Participants can look forward navigating the space through escalating rhythms, patterns of travel, repetitions, basic rules of relating to the floor as a source of support by using various movement qualities leading us to formulate a kind of creation with live drum accompaniment.

The workshop is open to performers with and without formal training.

As a child in exile in Angola, Trixie Munyama’s dance career began as the SWAPO Pioneers’ Cultural Group leader performing and observing traditional Oshiwambo dances in the Kwanza-Sul camp. She went on to formally train at Leyton College, London (UK) in Performing Arts, with a Major in Contemporary Dance before working with young and elderly people in Northern Namibia for Tudhaneni Dance Project using traditional dances as modes of preserving heritage. After graduating from the University of Cape Town majoring in African Dance, Trixie has been employed at the College of the Arts where she continues to work as a Dance Lecturer focusing on Dance Performance and Practice and Theories of Dance. She is the founder and artistic director of Da-mâi Dance Ensemble who’s work address topics such as postcolonial politics in contemporary society.  She regularly curates independent creative projects.

To register, email pro@ntn.org.na


About Workshop

The workshop aims to inspire and educate students to become theoretically and practically aware as directors of dance. With the key focus on the integration of African Contemporary Dance with Namibian indigenous features and rhythms, the program draws from School Classical Ballet, Graham and Namibian Diverse Stamina & Footwork techniques. The workshop further aims to engage participants on how to maintain professional dance standards and practices, to apply in sectors such as the tourism market.  Participants can look forward to gaining industry knowledge and approaches towards working as versatile dancers.

The workshop is open to performers with basic training.

Stanley Mareka is a dancer, choreographer and educator with over 15 years of experience in the Namibian performing arts sector. He is formally trained in the Berlin Tanzakemie Balanace 1 program, concentrating on the Academics of Dance and Technique which influenced his interests in theorizing dance techniques in the local sector. He is the Creative Director and founder of Equipped Dance Academy (2007) which focuses on equipping young people with sustainable dance opportunities. Mareka is the last awardee (2008) of the famous Channel O Dance Africa Competition which sought top African freestyle dancers at the time. Thereafter he toured and explored various competitions in countries such as to name a few, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana and South Africa. During his stay in Europe, Mareka won three titles from championships and dance battles which he partook in.  Through his diverse interests in performance, he goes by the stage name ‘African Cobra’ informed by his interests in animated dance and movement styles.  Mareka further concentrates on developing professional dance practices in Namibia, that can be sustainably applied in various sectors and markets.

To register, email pro@ntn.org.na


About Workshop

The workshop introduces the Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre (NWDT) ‘Traditional Contemporary’ Curriculum that explores Namibian traditional dance rhythms in a fusion with contemporary technique, danced to local music.

This workshop requires participants with basic dance training/experience.

Nikhita Winkler is a dance professional, educator, role model, artistic director, choreographer and founder of the Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre (NWDT). She is an influencer and public figure for young artists in Namibia; empowering women and children through her passion and wealth of experience in the art of dance. Winkler has danced for over 20 years with formal training in ballet (RAD), modern dance, Jazz, Pilates, improvisation, choreography, dance history and various productions. Winkler is the recipient of the 2019 Confident Woman Award for uplifting women in the arts. She choreographed the musical Every Woman, which was awarded Namibian Theatre and Film Awards (NTFAs) as the Best Overall Staged Production 2019. Furthermore, for 2018 and 2020, Nikhita was the choreographer for the Namibian Independence Day mass performance. Nikhita is a former lecturer at College of the Arts and judge at the Namibian Championship of Performing Arts in the years 2017 and 2020.

To register, email pro@ntn.org.na


For more information, email pro@ntn.org.na. Call 061 374 403.