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Tselane & The Giant

A Children’s Theatre Production


Presenting the Tswana folktale, the play follows the story of eight-year-old Tselane who is abducted from her village home by a giant which terrifies the community. Shaken but united, the villagers along with the audience devise a plan for Tselane’s safe return.


18-20 July 2019, National Theatre of Namibia.


Directed and devised in collaboration with the cast.

Direction: Veronique Mensah

MusicalDirection: Nyasha J Kuchekana-Chirau

Stage Manager: Zindri Swartz


Richard Claasen

Walter Kahivere

Tabitha Gaueises

Tove Kangotue

Shileka Tulimeke

Cynderella Simana

Lahja Haufika

Paula Kasinda

Tapuwanashe Munyayi

Ocja Henock Kambaekua