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A National Organisation for the promotion and development of Performing Arts

  1. Theatre productions: Diverse programs for diverse audiences.
  2. Regional Theatre Development: YTDP. COTA-NAEP. NYCN, School Set Work, Regional Partners.
  3. Capacity building for theatre practitioners (writing, directing,acting, lights/sound and stage design and management): Theatre Zone, YTDP, UNAM, COTA, Audio,Golden Pen Theatre Awards','New Namibia Plays'.
  4. Theatre and Performing Arts Promotion and Audience Development: Artbeat, TheatreZone, Sister Thang,Last Band Standing, Premier Productions, branding.

An influential and respected organisation

  • Branding, Marketing and Promotion:
    • Strategies for targeted promotions.
    • Increase in diverse and quality audience.
    • Corporate/stakeholder appreciation, confidence and support.
    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Visibility.
  • Organisational Setup:
    • SOE status, memberships, performance agreement, leadership.
  • Stakeholder Relationship:
    • What is the role of NTN? Stakeholder identification, stakeholder management -formalized network of corporate and partner management agreements and strategies.

An accessible, user-friendly and prestigious platform for diverse groups of artists and theatre practitioners.

  1. The National Theatre Venue: The facility upgrade, capacity, external venues.
  2. Environment of NTN: 'You do not get a second chance at first impressions' - attractive office space, buildings, signage, accessibility, tidiness, maintenance, customer care.
  3. Facilities and equipment for skills training ad theatre development: Quality, quantity, rental policy, access

Securing the future of NTN - issues of capacity and sustainability.

  1. Organisational Capacity: organisational structures and systems, staffing, training and capacity building policies and agreements, Artistic Direction Advisory Committee.
  2. Technical Capacity: staffing, training and capacity building, ITC System, equipment and facilities, statf retention, sound working environment.
  3. Financial Sustainability: increase annual turnover, diversify activities, increase annual grant, start an investment account, invest in fundroising activities, improve facilities and equipment, develop policies, income from non-core activities - Business Plan