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The National Theatre of Namibia is a well-governed, innovative and respected international arts and culture institution that is an incubator (facilitator) for the development of high quality performance artists and productions that are inspired by Namibia's diversity and rich store of cultural forms. 


  • Develop and deliver outstanding training/ educational programs for the development of performing Arts.
  • Develop technical skills for Performing Arts.
  • Discover, develop, commission and stage productions that are artistically excellent, delight our audiences, and are financially prudent.
  • Actively facilitate cultural exchange between theatre and theatre practitioners between Africa and those from other parts of the world by serving as an artistic point of contact.
  • Provide a full-fledged rental space/facility for productions and theatre practitioners that support the achievement of our vision.
  • Develop mutually beneficial artistic and organizational partnerships with corporate and fellow cultural institutions, within Namibia and internationally.
  • Achieve full compliance with legislation and principles of good governance.
  • Develop our staff, forge a motivated team and create a workplace environment that is conducive to high productivity and accountability.
  • Provide comfortable recreational facilities for our customers.